Benefits Of Building A Patio From Brick

Brick is a traditional material for walls and even whole homes. Brick can also be a beneficial material for your home's patio. Such a patio can serve as an extension of a home that already features brick in its façade, or it can be a complement to more contemporary styles. Select brick for your patio for a timeless appeal. Color Integrity Imagine: you go through all the trouble to choose a patio floor color that complements your home's exterior, and it fades within a few years. Read More 

Learn How To Make Backstops For Your Horseshoe Pits

Playing horseshoes is fun and exciting for both the young and the old because it requires little to no strength or skill. If you want to have the most fun playing horseshoes that you possibly can, you must build a pit to ensure that there is a backstop to keep the horseshoes from going far away from the post when you miss it. Creating a horseshoe pit will be much easier than you think. Read More 

2 Questions To Ask Your Furnace Installation Contractor

Like all home appliances, sooner or later furnaces must be replaced. Though ultimately this will result in more cost-efficient heating, the process of getting a new furnace can be both expensive and stressful. For that reason, it's important to make sure that things get done right the first time around. If have plans to replace your furnace, read on. This article will present two vital questions to ask your installation contractor. Read More 

Three “Shocking” Pool Mistakes You Might Be Making

You're one of the lucky ones with a backyard pool. No small investment, the sting of the cost is probably offset by the fun and refreshment your pool provides. But because you did pay a pretty penny for that pool, you want to be sure you're taking the best possible care of it. Chances are, though, even with the best of intentions, you're making a few "shocking" mistakes and those mistakes can not only shorten the lifespan of your pool equipment, some of then can actually hurt you! Read More 

How To Install Posts For An Elevated Pool Deck

You might be thinking the cold and snow is going to last forever at this point, but soon the warmth of summer will be nearing. Now is the time to start planning for springtime activities like getting your pool ready for the swimming season. If you're thinking about adding a deck to your above ground pool, you should consider using fiberglass materials. Fiberglass is sturdier, easier to clean, and has more decorative options than wood decking and posts. Read More